The brand Zephyr is an economical, environmentally friendly, lotion and body wash company idealized for the purpose of this project. Zephyr uses natural oils from seasonal flowers in all of their products resulting in a light and dewey essence. As a design, I visualized the movement of pollen traveling with the wind (zephyr) coming to land in these perfectly packaged lotions for the customers convenience.



This pattern work was commissioned for surface design. It is versatile and can be used for wallpaper, business cards, notebooks, packaging, ect. The concept for the pattern came from juicy exotic fruit, and is meant to be representational of an island fantasy.


Power Patches

This project was inspired by the women’s rights movement. The patches are a representation of the internal strength that women draw on daily, and can be worn as a badge of honor.


Animal Haus Brewery

Animal Haus is a fictitious brewery based in Miami, Florida. The concept is fun, flirty, and playful visuals. The colors are representative of Miami culture and blend well with local art.


The Exchange

This book contains a written poem, tactile red thread, and black ink illustrations. The story follows two characters embarking on a traumatic relationship. As the chaos grows, so does the red thread. Starting with only one dot the thread eventually overcomes an entire page.


This Book is Me

This publication was created as a representation of my thoughts, my past, and my aspirations. I created everything from overall design, layout, and copy, to patterns, photographs, fibers, and illustrations.